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The Sociometrist's Eye
By Donna Little and Ann E. Hale


  • THE

The aim
of this training workshop is to assist group leaders in developing
and tuning into their sociometrist to help them see and know what is
happening in the dynamics of the group and communicate their

Areas of
focus are:

  • Locograms:
    be conscious of where people sit. Whom they sit next to and across
    from is most potent. With whom do they choose to be in small groups?

  • The
    emergence of fear or anxiety, which dampens spontaneity in the

  • Drops
    in spontaneity ( flops) as indications of fear or anxiety in the
    group. The leaders need to attend to the underlying agenda.

  • Incompletions -
    Track what’s been done, the forgotten agreements or agenda
    items not yet addressed.

  • Incongruity
    - This may be reflected in what is said and felt by a group member
    as shown in a person’s body language. Incongruitiy of the
    behaviour on the statement shared, sometimes reflecting denial or
    non awareness on the person’s part. A group leader’s sensitivity
    to this is essential.

  • The
    composition within the group of introverts and extraverts is useful
    information for the leader in planning schedules, providing times
    for reflection, or working in small groups for discussion or

  • Access
    to belonging and to roles of high value.

  • What
    areas of concern do you have in watching group dynamics?

  • Are
    there any culturally specific areas you see impacting the choice-making activity in your groups?

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