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Data Sheet for Experimental Sociometric Test, examining publicly revealed choice data and the confidential option
by Ann E. Hale, M.A.TEP and Linnea Carlson-Sabelli, RN, Phd, TEP

Data Sheet for Experimental Sociometric Test,
examining publicly revealed choice data and use of the confidential option


Persons  taking part in the experimental sociometric test fill out two sets of objective data sheets and one set of perceptual data.  The criterion for the choice-making activity is the same and is the one you reference for the perceptual data as well.  One set of data sheets is marked confidential (which you keep) and the other is marked public, which is handed in.  The public data will be shared with the group and will be the set of data used in determining any sociometric position and analysis of data from the sociomatrix.  If you choose to do the confidential set of data you are free to check that data against the sociomatrix of objective and perceptual data. You will be able  determine the degree to which people in the group already perceive your privately held choices.  In instances where the entire group decides to complete a confidential set of data, the data will be collected and sent for analysis to an independent sociometry researcher outside of our group. The researcher will be able to give each person an individual profile and a group profile based on “if this group had been completely forthcoming of their choices for each person “ your sociometric position on this criterion would have been _______, and the group’s level of perceptual accuracy would have increased by ________ or decreased by __________.

We like to believe that people are not likely to know or intuit our closely held secret wishes to be connected or to be completely honest about the degree to which we actually despise or reject their behavior and attitudes.  By participating  in this option you will begin to have reliable data to substantiate this belief or refute it.   Having these profiles available will make it possible for the group to explore ways it can create a working environment which welcomes deep honesty and can increase authentic relating in all its choice activity whether on paper or in action.

Proceed with the objective data sheets and perceptual data sheets.  Once completed return to this page and provide your comments below. Keep this sheet with your confidential data set.

I find it difficult to be completely honest in this group due to the following dynamics and reasons:

© Ann E. Hale and Linnea Carlson-Sabelli, April 30, 1990.

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